The Testaments, by Margaret Atwood, is the novel which I finished reading last week. It all started with “Alias Grace”, which I read after watching the series on Netflix. I liked the series very much, appreciated the novel. So I bought the ebook of “The Handmaid’s tale”: I would’t have minded watching the series, but it was not available on Netlix, and that is the only pay tv I have. But the novel was good. So good that I couldn’t resist and had to buy “The testaments” too, as the author herself declared that it takes off from the end of the Handmaid’s tale and tells whatever happened next: it’s the sequel.

The structures of the two novels is the same: the reader does not understand it straight away, s/he finds it out only at the very end, but The testaments is discussed in a conference held in a not very distant future – say something like a hundred years before. The people attending, mainly but not only historians, discuss it, and consider it a very precious finding, telling them about what happened when the Country of Gilead still existed, but is entering its decadence. Here there are three female narrators, not just one, who also appear in the Handmaids Tale.


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